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EMILY, 19, ISFJ, college student. I like pretty things, indie music, photoshop, design, and things that make me cry.
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badwolfwinterfell replied to your post: badwolfwinterfell replied to your post…

Sure! I’m actually level 30. SnackletonCob is my other account and I’ve never used it so I have like no champions but feel free to add that too!

they have some good free to play champs atm like katarina and lucian :)) you should play with me i’m itchin to start a match

mine’s CastletonSnob :)

omg i’ll add you! do you want to play? i’m level like 12 so if you are way above that you might need to make a smurf account c:

if any of u guys play league of legends you should comment your summoner name so i can add u and u can play with me (altho i’m bad)



so in love with the wrong world


Stephen Medeiros
Untitled, 2013

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