kissed by fire

EMILY, 19, ISFJ, college student. I like pretty things, indie music, photoshop, design, and things that make me cry.
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Nathan Coley - A Place Beyond Belief (2013)

my phone can’t handle the ios 8 and I am sad

Anonymous: i wasnt trying to be mean i was just curious what it was like to be in an online relationship vs a real one

I dunno…it’s hard sometimes but we make it work. If you love someone you’ll figure out how to be together

emmettcarver: it's okay anon I'm sure you'll find your special someone one day :) don't be grumpy to those who have :)

are those passive aggressive smilies?

jk :)

Ilu boo we’ve been through a lot and will continue to do so for a long long time

Anonymous: no offense but like how does having an online boyfriend work ? I mean how can you be satisfied without any physical contact??

If you really truly love someone, you’ll make it work


untitled - Jacob Robert Price


love will always find it’s way back to you if it’s true

you’re such a cheeseball